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Although entirely non-political in its organization and scope, no less than six members have been the standard bearers of their respecive parties for President of the United States: Zachary Taylor, Franklin Pierce, Ulysses Simpson Grant, Winfield Scott, George Brinton McClellan and Winfield Scott Hancok. Of these, three were elected and have administered that great office.


On the 13th of October, 1847, as soon as the United States Army was quietly established in the City of Mexico, a meeting of officers was called with a view toward forming a Club and opening a clubhouse for the entertainment of its members and their guests while in the City.


The Club was organized for the purpose of forming a resort for officers, as a promoter of good fellowship and of furnishing a home where they could pass their leisure hours on a social intercourse and where more palatable and healthful viands could be procured at a redured price that at the best Fandas in the city.


The Aztec Club is a 501(c)3 Charitable Educational Non-Profit Organization. 

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